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Water Treatment Removes Coronavirus.

We want to highlight our water supply is safe and protected. Find additional information on Covid-19 and tap water. Saint Paul Regional Water Services’ drinking water treatment process effectively safeguards our clients from viruses like the coronavirus.

Customer Support Offices Closed.

Our customer service agents continue to be available to help you at 651-266-6350 or by emailing

This closure includes our technology service desk, which manages licenses, water service installations, and other related needs. You are able to get to the technology service desk at 651-266-6270.

We’re also suspending the direct testing program before the reception re-opens.

Bill Pay Options.

Bear in Mind, the next choices are always available to pay your invoice and for most water account needs:

651-266-6350 for automatic phone service media "0" to get a customer service rep.

Drop box located in front of the government building at 1900 Rice Street.

Send your invoice payment to 1900 Rice Street, St. Paul, MN 55113.


To pay a bill, visit our bill pay website. To learn more, visit our billing information page.

Moving? Read about the process and call customer service at 651-266-6350 (media "0" to speak to a representative).

Own or Keep a Larger Building?

Buildings with reduced water usage or no water usage in the past couple of weeks or months may have water sitting in pipes which can stagnate and cause problems like discoloration and poor taste or odor. The water may lack the residual chlorine that provides disinfection. Find out more below.

Water Shut Offs Suspended.

Saint Paul Regional Water Services’ clients will have water service irrespective of ability to pay.

Security in the Community.


To find out more about ongoing and forthcoming construction visit our water construction projects page.

Water Meter Lawsuit.

A settlement agreement was approved by the Board of Water Commissioners at a class action lawsuit related to fixed fees charged previously to single family homes with one-inch water yards. Credits (for present Saint Paul Regional Water customers) or refunds (for former customers) are being done automatically.

For more details on the lawsuit or settlement arrangement, visit the following site: and hunt Dvorak v. City of Saint Paul.


Another perspective of where our water comes water damage cleanup costs from, (Video: 4:12) presented by one of our suburban clients, Maplewood. (A more global perspective of water sources in the state and how it’s important to be good stewards of water, because water flows into the Mississippi River, our resource for drinking water)

Lead and Household Water.

Stop by our service lookup to find out whether your water service line is made from lead. You will need your account number. Information about household and lead water can be seen on our dedicated page, within an interactive story, and at a video on lowering your exposure (3:12).


Watch how to use your water meter to discover leaks (4:46) and visit our escapes page for more information.

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Water invoice assistance is on the way, telephone SPRWS today!

In these days, with everything around us changing and the future seeming uncertain, unpaid invoices can appear insurmountable. Saint Paul Regional Water Services provides a personalized approach to help clients solve unpaid bills and reduce future financial duties.

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1900 Rice St. Saint Paul, MN 55113.

Emergency Services 24/7 Phone: 651-266-6868.

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