What is a Waste Audit?

A Waste Audit is a methodical process of collecting and analyzing waste to determine the amount (weight and volume) and types of waste that are generated.

What is a Brand Audit?

A Brand Audit as an added component of a waste audit looks at the specific brands and the companies that are producing these wastes.

Philippine 2018 WABA Results

Country: Philippines
Date of WABA: 2017-2018
Type: Consolidated
Number of WABA: 9
Coverage: Six cities in the Philippines

Waste Assessment and Brand Audit Guide

Step 1: Preparation

Before the WABA, it is vital to consider the following:

  • Type of WACS (at-source is better!)
  • Target community
  • Sample size, and target households
  • Venue for sorting
  • Number of days
  • Disposal plan

Step 2: Collection

  • Orient and distribute materials to target households
  • Collect segregated waste and do follow-up orientation
  • Dispose waste according to your disposal plan
  • Collect and record segregated waste
  • On the day before the WABA, collect the waste bins, sacks, and containers used

Step 3: Waste Assessment

  • Site preparation

Step 4: Brand Audit

Step 5: Post-WABA

Step 6: How to process your data



Step 7: What to do with your data

  • Use your data to draft a Zero Waste Program for your community.
  • Submit your data and contribute to the global WABA database.