Activity 2

City Leaders Forum

5 March 2018 - PM

Bandung City

The Papandayan Hotel, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia

These discussions aim to inspire participants on a common vision to transform the linear economic system into a circular economy. The session will also explore leadership models needed for the transformation.

Time Activity Resource Speaker/s


Session 1:
Investing in Zero Waste

How much does it cost cities to go zero waste? In the Philippines and the EU, several cities have managed to bring down the cost of solid waste management and allocate more funding for other social services.

*incl.:10 Steps in Implementing a Community Zero Waste Program

Valerina Daniel

Scheduled Speaker:

  1. Froilan Grate
    GAIA Asia Pacific*
  2. Flore Berlingen
    Zero Waste Europe
  3. David Sutasurya

Fictor Ferdinand, 
M. Adi Septiono


Prayer Break


Talk Show

Session 2:
Sharing experience session (talk show)

Local leaders from Indonesia, India, the Philippines and USA will share personal insights on how their cities embraced zero waste practices. They also talk about challenges to moving towards zero waste, as well as bright spots in their waste journey.

Tiza Mafira

Talk Show Starter:

  • Benedict Jasper Lagman
    City of San Fernando
  • Jack Macy
    SF Environment
  • Dr. K. Vasuki
    Thiruvananthapuram City
  • Dadang M. Nasser
    Bandung Regency Head
  • Ajay Priatna
    Cimahi Mayor
  • Tri Rismarini-Surabaya
    Mayor (TBC)


Talk Show Discussant:

  • M. Solihin
    Bandung Mayor/Acting Mayor
  • Anang Sudarna
    West Java Province Environmental Agency

End of Session/Networking